Adding technology to tradition to be successful for 100 years more

When challenged to develop a new website for Adico, the idea was only to redesign it. Yet, we realised we could transform it in a core tool for its business.

When Porto de Ideias challenged us to develop a new website for Adico, the idea was only to redesign it.

Once contact was made and upon understanding the company’s Purchasing Journey, we quickly realised we could do much more than simply give its website a new identity. We could transform it into a core tool for its commercial activities.

Adico has over 90 distinct products which have thousands of different combinations. To demonstrate all product variations, it would have to stop production for months, to produce them: over 34 colours with different seats (chairs) or tops (tables).

We have integrated a realistic 3D configurator for Adico to present all its products in every variation possible, without having to stop production to photograph and/or accumulate stock; in other words, prioritising the orders pipeline.

You can try it here.

Now, Adico will never have to produce products before selling them ever again; neither existing nor new ones.

The R&D Department has now a relevant tool to keep Company innovation alive, often undermined by constant new order entries. Simultaneously, the Sales Department can offer an efficient sales support tool to its network of agents and partners.

We are certain this digital transformation will not end here. What will the next step be?