Augmented Reality​

Visualising a customisable product is key to decision making.

However, in some cases, this process is also affected by the dimension or aspect of the product itself in a space or on a body.

Imagine you need a table for your office. Despite having one in mind, you can’t visualise the space it occupies or even if it will go well with the rest of the decoration.

Augmented Reality is here to answer this problem as it allows you to visualise the product within a space.

Role of AR in E-Commerce

Be enlightening

Dissipate consumer doubts about the product

Boost interaction

Watch engagement levels on the website increase

Be different

differentiate yourself from your competition

We have launched the beta version of the Ad-pulse Digital Showroom app to share products from brands we are passionate about, which are already aware of the technological advances in the field of AR.


Download the app from the APP Store or Google Play.

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