Furniture companies are able to increase sales with 3D and augmented reality. Find out how.

The furniture industry has truly benefited from the technological leaps made in the 3D and AR world over recent years.

The furniture industry has really benefited from the technological leaps made in the 3D and AR world in recent years. Various furniture companies may have different views on 3D and AR, but there’s no denying it – 3D and Augmented Reality are becoming an industry standard.

Advances in 3D visualization for e-commerce purposes finally allow customers to see what they are buying and thus reduce the uncertainty of buying furniture online and significantly reduce returns.

These days, creating and displaying 3D models of furniture on your website is relatively quick and easy.

With just a few clicks, your e-commerce customer can see the product from all angles, customize the furniture in the 3D configurator and even see how the item fits into their space through augmented reality.


Key Challenges to Using 3D in Sales


One challenge that many companies still face is the need for 3D models, which is why we have been hiring and training 3D artists in-house for the past few years.


What can we expect from the future of these technologies?


In a word? Growth. A very clear trend of the future for the use of 3D and AR in the furniture industry is growing. More and more companies are embracing this new technology to drive sales, create a more immersive e-commerce shopping experience, and reduce the need for returns. In many ways, 3D and AR can be seen as the missing piece of the furniture puzzle in e-commerce. It is now clear that 3D and Augmented Reality are here to stay.